The Nitty-Gritty: What outsourcing project management entails.
Project initiation and planning

Start your projects on the right foot with outsourced project initiation and planning. By engaging specialists, you ensure a foundation built on deep industry insight and best practices. This service includes feasibility studies, scope definition, and comprehensive project scheduling. It’s about making each project not just manageable, but optimally structured for success.

Resource allocation

Effective resource management is crucial and often intricate. Outsourced PMO excels in crafting strategies that maximize the use of your available resources—be it manpower, technology, or time. This means optimal productivity with minimized overhead, a balance essential for (sustainable) growth.

Risk management

Anticipating and mitigating risks is at the heart of successful project management. By outsourcing this task, you benefit from specialized expertise focused on identifying potential pitfalls before they become problems. The result? A smoother project lifecycle and enhanced security for your investments.

Quality assurance

Ensure your projects meet the highest standards with outsourced quality assurance. This includes regular audits, compliance checks, and adaptations to project scopes based on systematic feedback. It’s not just about meeting benchmarks but exceeding them to deliver “exceptional” results.

Communication management

Keep all stakeholders informed and engaged with expert communication management. Outsourcing this function helps maintain clear, concise, and effective channels of communication, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This service is key to maintaining transparency and fostering a collaborative project environment.

Project closure and review

Conclude projects with precision and analytical insight by outsourcing project closure tasks. This service includes thorough project evaluations to assess outcomes against initial targets. Learn from each project through detailed reports and analysis, turning every end into a new beginning of informed strategy.

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Beyond paychecks: How outsourcey transforms your entire project management experience

Project management outsourcing has emerged as a strategic move for businesses looking to sharpen their competitive edge. By opting to outsource project management, companies leverage specialized expertise that was once within the reach of only the largest firms. This shift is not just about managing projects but “reinventing” how these projects align with broader business objectives.

Outsourcing project management allows businesses to focus on their core operations while delegating project oversight to (dedicated) experts. These professionals come equipped with tried and tested methodologies and an external viewpoint that can often spot opportunities or risks that internal teams might overlook…

…This transition to outsourced project management is bolstered by impressive statistics. For instance, 19.4% of organizations now deploy specialists specifically for project control, highlighting the growing reliance on external expertise. Meanwhile, by offloading project management tasks, companies can initiate projects more swiftly and efficiently, gaining access to best practices and cutting-edge technology without the inherent risks of internal project mismanagement.

The decision to outsource project management isn’t just a logistical one. It’s a strategic move towards more agile and responsive business practices. By partnering with overseas project managers, companies benefit from a global perspective that enhances project outcomes and ultimately drives higher efficiency and profitability. With 83% of project control performed by multi-role individuals, the shift towards specialized outsourced project management could not only streamline operations but also enhance the quality and scope of projects undertaken.

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What does outsourcing project management involve?

Outsourcing project management (PMO) involves delegating the tasks associated with managing projects to external specialists. This service encompasses various critical activities, including project initiation, planning, resource allocation, risk management, quality assurance, and communication management. By utilizing outsourced PMO, businesses can enhance operational agility, ensure projects meet high standards, and manage resources more efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core functions.

How can outsourcing project management improve our company's efficiency?

By engaging with outsourced project management, your company gains access to specialized knowledge and practices that streamline project workflows. External project managers bring a fresh perspective that can identify potential risks and opportunities quicker, ensuring that projects proceed without delays. Moreover, by allocating project tasks to experts, your internal team can remain focused on core business strategies, significantly boosting overall productivity and project success rates.

What are the key benefits of outsourcing project management?

Outsourcing project management offers several benefits:

Expertise and Insight: Access to industry-specific expertise that ensures projects are set up for success from the start.

Risk Mitigation: Advanced risk identification and management, which protects your investments throughout the project lifecycle.

Resource Optimization: Efficient allocation of resources, ensuring that manpower, technology, and time are used most effectively.

Quality Assurance: Maintenance of high standards through regular audits and adaptations, exceeding traditional benchmarks.

Enhanced Communication: Improved stakeholder engagement through professional communication management, keeping all parties informed and aligned.

What should our company consider before deciding to outsource project management?

Before outsourcing project management, consider:

Business Needs: Evaluate whether your current projects require the specialized skills that an outsourced team can provide.

Cultural Fit: Ensure that the outsourced team understands your company’s culture and business objectives.

Security and Compliance: Assess the security measures and compliance standards of the outsourcing service to protect sensitive information and meet regulatory requirements.

Cost vs. Benefit: Analyze the cost implications compared to the potential gains in efficiency, quality, and speed of project delivery to ensure a positive return on investment.