The Nitty-Gritty: What game art outsourcing entails.
Character design – Bringing souls to life

Character Design – Bringing Souls to Life Characters are the heart of any game. Game art outsourcing companies infuse your game with diverse talents, turning sketches into souls that players resonate with.

Environmental art – Beyond backdrops

Immersive environments keep players coming back. Game art outsourcing studio turns landscapes from mere backdrops to worlds players live in. Every pixel paints a story, every scene a memory in the making.

UI/UX design – Seamless play, Intuitive engagement

The best games feel intuitive to navigate. Outsourcing UI/UX design ensures your game is not just playable but enjoyable — melding art with functionality for a seamless user experience. It’s where art meets the player’s touch.

Animation – The illusion of life

Animation breathes life into static images. Outsourcing animation brings fluidity and realism, turning gestures into emotions, and actions into stories. It’s where your characters begin to move with the heartbeats of their creators.

3D modeling – Sculpting realities

3D modeling is the backbone of modern gaming’s visual appeal. Outsourcing this task molds your imagination into tangible realities, layer by layer.

Concept art – Blueprint of imagination

The first stroke of any game’s visual journey. Game art outsourcing companies are like opening a portal to endless possibilities, setting the tone, style, and vision. In other words: where imagination meets the canvas.

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Cat Picker

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Alex Louey

Co-founder at Appscore

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In the fast-growing gaming industry—where innovation is the key to captivating audiences worldwide—a game outsourcing company like Outsourcey is the strategic powerhouse behind the stunning visuals and immersive environments that define today’s top games.

It’s a realm where creativity knows no bounds…

…and the collaboration with global talents transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Here’s why diving into game art outsourcing is not just an option but a NECESSITY for those aiming to lead in the gaming world.

Bringing Visions to Life (Without the Overhead).

Imagine having access to a global studio filled with the top artists from every corner of the world—this is what game art outsourcing offers. It’s not about “offloading” work; rather, it’s about upgrading your game’s visual appeal while keeping costs in check.

With game outsourcing studios around the globe, you’re tapping into a rich vein of creativity at rates that make financial sense, allowing for a more lavish allocation of resources elsewhere.

From Concept to Creation…

Every game starts with a vision, and to bring this vision to life, you need a team that understands the essence of your story and can translate it into art that breathes life into your game.

Outsourcing offers you a team that brings diverse perspectives, infusing your game with unique styles and trends that resonate with players globally.

The Strategic Advantage in a Competitive Arena

In a world where the next big game can come from anywhere, having a strategic advantage is crucial. Outsourcing your game art not only ensures that you have access to top-tier talent but also frees up your core team to focus on gameplay mechanics, story development, and overall project management. This division of labor is strategic, allowing you to play to your strengths while ensuring that every aspect of your game is handled by experts.

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What exactly does game art outsourcing involve?

Game art outsourcing involves partnering with external studios or artists to create the visual components of a game, such as character design, environmental art, UI/UX design, animation, 3D modeling, and concept art. It’s a strategic approach to leverage global talent and creativity, enhancing the visual appeal of games while managing costs effectively. By outsourcing, developers gain access to a diverse range of artistic skills and perspectives, ensuring their game stands out in a competitive marketplace.

How does outsourcing game art benefit my game development project?

Outsourcing game art brings multiple benefits to your project. Firstly, it allows access to a wide pool of talented artists worldwide, ensuring high-quality and diverse artistic inputs. Secondly, it’s cost-effective, as it reduces overheads associated with hiring in-house artists, such as salaries, training, and equipment. Outsourcing also enables your core team to focus on other critical aspects of game development, such as story creation and gameplay mechanics, thus speeding up the development process and potentially leading to a richer gaming experience.

Can outsourcing handle the unique needs of my game's design and aesthetics?

Absolutely. A reputable game art outsourcing studio prides itself on its ability to adapt to various artistic styles and project requirements. These studios often have a roster of artists with a broad range of skills and specialties, ensuring that they can match your project with artists whose style and experience align with your vision. Furthermore, a detailed briefing and continuous communication throughout the project ensure that the outsourced art aligns perfectly with your game’s unique design and aesthetics.

How do I ensure quality and consistency when outsourcing game art?

Ensuring quality and consistency in outsourced game art starts with selecting a reputable outsourcing partner with a proven track record. Look for studios that have experience in projects similar to yours and can provide a portfolio of their work. Clear communication of your vision, regular check-ins, and feedback loops throughout the project are crucial. Additionally, setting up detailed project specifications, including style guides and reference materials, can help maintain quality and consistency in the final art deliverables.