Meet Team Outsourcey.

Fei Chen

Chief Operating Officer

Fei, leveraging a solid 9-year foundation in banking, seamlessly transitioned into the digital marketing realm, ascending to CFO/COO roles within
a dynamic agency network across the Asia Pacific. Under her stewardship, the group flourished, managing over 400 employees and achieving remarkable financial milestones, including leading Australia's largest digital marketing agency sale in 2017. Her financial acumen ensures sustainable growth, while her operational expertise fosters efficiency and client loyalty. Fei's vision for the Outsourcey is clear: to harness analytical precision and a nurturing leadership style to scale operations globally, fostering an environment where both employees and clients thrive alongside technological evolution.

Nick Bell


Nick leads a global group of 18 digital agencies & medical clinics across Australia, Asia & Europe, specializing in digital marketing, reputation
management, and longevity. When Nick isn't knee deep in building businesses, Nick is the host of the TV show, “The Apprentice” and “Do You Want To Live Forever”.

“Absolutely love your clients & people and the rewards will come”

Jarrod Kagan


Jarrod began his career practicing at a major law firm before moving to Probe CX, where he was one of the founding Kagan family members and

Probe CX’s operations employed over 18,500 people across Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, India and the USA and garnered numerous accolades, becoming a leading global provider of customer management solutions, strategy and transformation, outsourcing and technology.

Probe CX saw investments from some of the world’s most reputable private equity organizations including Five V Capital in 2017, Quadrant Private Equity in 2018 and KKR in 2022.

With over 16 years’ outsourcing experience, Jarrod brings a unique passion and expertise across strategy, operations, compliance, offshoring, shared services and strategic account management.

“Treat people the way you want to be treated. Your network is your net worth”

Charlie Allnutt

Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer

Charlie's diverse career spans from his beginnings as a commercial lawyer to his role as a transformative leader in both the tech and BPO industri
es. His tenure has included significant expansion into global markets and shaping legislative developments in the Philippines which has showcased his strategic insight and industry influence. Now, his expertise drives Outsourcey's ambition to be a high growth industry leader.

Priya Murugesan

Head of Operations

With over two decades of global experience in Business Process Outsourcing operations, our Head of Operations has been a beacon of process excelle
nce and transformative change. A Six Sigma Black Belt, a multi-awarded women leader in the industry. She has also excelled in client-facing roles, showcasing an unparalleled commitment to delivering quality. Their vision for the outsourcing business is rooted in leveraging their extensive expertise to instill a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and client-centricity. By mentoring teams to excel and implement efficient processes, Priya aim to drive Outsourcey towards unparalleled operational excellence and client satisfaction, setting new industry standards.

“Operational excellence is the symphony of talent, where each note of proficiency, dedication, and innovation harmonizes to create the masterpiece of efficiency and success”

Ryan Kagan

Partnership/Operations Executive

Bringing 18 years of seasoned experience from Probe CX as an Operations Manager and Account Manager, our Partnership/Operations Executive has an e
xceptional track record of fostering meaningful partnerships whilst ensuring operational delivery. Throughout his long standing experience, Ryan honed his skills in optimising processes and strengthening client relationships, contributing significantly to the firm's growth and success. Ryan’s vision for our outsourcing business is centred around deepening collaborative partnerships and streamlining operations to deliver superior outcomes. He aims to leverage his vast experience to build robust, mutually beneficial relationships with partners, ensuring that our outsourcing solutions exceed expectations and drive success for all stakeholders involved.

“If you don’t take care of the customer, someone else will”

Siddharth Shankar

Head of Tech

Sid brings a robust track record from prominent companies, where his focus has been on 'getting things done'. His vision for the Outsourcey revolv
es around leveraging his expertise to drive operational excellence, enhance process efficiency, and implement cutting-edge automation solutions.

“Be Agile or be forgotten.”

Tony Jiang

Head of Finance

Tony, our Head of Finance, is a financial maestro with a distinguished career, notably at First Page, and Superist Group, where he oversees global
finance operations as a Management Accountant. Known for his astute financial insights and strategic cost management, Tony's prowess extends beyond traditional finance roles; he is constantly seeking innovative ways to trim operational expenses without compromising quality or efficiency. His vision for the Outsourcey is grounded in financial sustainability and efficiency. Tony aims to leverage his deep financial acumen to ensure our operations are not only cost-effective but also strategically positioned for long-term success and scalability.

Claudine Auto

Head of People and Culture

Claudine, our esteemed Head of People and Culture, brings an impressive track record from her roles in strategic HR support, talent management, an
d people transformation across diverse industries. With a profound expertise in policy management, analytics, HR systems, employee records, and contingent workforce management, Claudine has been instrumental in driving business transformation through people-centric initiatives. Her vision for the Outsourcey is to cultivate a high-performance culture that not only attracts but also retains top talent through innovative HR practices and transformative leadership. Claudine is dedicated to leveraging her vast experience to enhance our organizational culture, ensuring it remains adaptive, inclusive, and aligned with our strategic objectives, thereby positioning us as a leader in the global outsourcing landscape.

Jesse Peshkin

Head of Administration

Jesse, our Head of Administration, brings a wealth of experience in orchestrating seamless operations. Jesse ensures everything runs like clockwor
k behind the scenes. From organizing tasks to optimizing operational efficiency, she cultivates a workspace where creativity and collaboration thrive. Supporting executives and fostering teamwork, Jesse keeps our business running smoothly while we focus on what we do best.

“Our greatest investments are in each other”

Syed Kazmi

Senior Developer

Syed, our Senior Developer, is currently spearheading the development of our client portal, bringing a comprehensive background in Java consultanc
y and senior engineering roles. With a strong foundation in creating cutting-edge solutions across various platforms, including ReactJS/Typescript and PHP/Laravel, Syed's expertise spans from web development to system administration and DevOps. His work ethic is defined by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the seamless integration of client-facing technologies. Syed's vision for the Outsourcey is to craft a user-centric portal that enhances client engagement through robust, scalable, and intuitive digital solutions. His approach combines technical proficiency with a strategic outlook on business process optimization and robotic process automation, aiming to set new benchmarks in client service and operational efficiency.

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