Why you can always rely on Outsourcey to deliver!

  • Our founders and executive team have over 50 years of outsourcing experience. Together, we offer unparalleled support in building customized solutions to suit your needs.
  • We have significant experience and capability in recruiting, training, managing and retaining the right people for the right work, whilst leveraging best-in-class technology and analytics to drive exceptional outcomes.
  • Our nationwide office network comes complete with a range of amenities designed to enhance productivity and comfort. From versatile coworking and function areas that foster collaboration to fully enclosed, dedicated work setups. We have it all!
  • Our "Never Go Down Network" guarantees the highest level of reliability, with bank-grade data centers and the fastest WiFi connectivity ensuring seamless operations. With 24-hour IT support and biometric security measures in place, you can trust in our infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly around the clock.
  • Our facilities boast well-equipped meeting and training rooms, convenient sleeping quarters, and onsite clinics staffed by experienced nurses, ensuring the well-being of your team.
  • With a rigorous compliance framework, clients can rest assured that all services will be provided in accordance with all applicable legislation and regulatory requirements.
  • Outsourcey is privately owned (and always will be), and thus we are able to make rapid decisions without any red tape. 
  • We strive to be the best place to work in the Philippines bar none. We invest heavily in our employee value proposition to achieve this vision.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement, value add and strategic account management.

Charlie, Ryan, Nick, Fei & Jarrod

Founders, Outsourcey

Cutting-edge enterprise solutions powered by Outsourcey.

We have significant experience designing and implementing scaled offshoring solutions. This can include first-time outsourcing/offshoring scenarios or transitions from other suppliers. Our robust project management methodology ensures seamless integration, maintaining the essence of your company's operation and culture every step of the way.

Best in class locations.

Outsourcey offers Tier 1, modern and environmentally friendly plug-and-play private and shared office spaces, complete with secure IT services, administrative and facilities support, locker areas, visitor waiting rooms, dedicated reception areas, meeting and training rooms and additional amenities. Whether you prefer private offices or shared spaces, Outsourcey provides options all over metro and regional Philippines in the most cost-effective way.

Outsourcey provides multiple serviced offices ready for immediate occupancy, offering fully furnished spaces professionally managed to meet your needs. Our customer support team is available to address any inquiries you may have, ensuring a seamless experience. Feel free to reach out for assistance.

Showcase your brand!

Central to our philosophy is the preservation of your company’s values, culture, and brand identity within our premises, mirroring the strength they hold in your own workspace.

Aligned timezones for your team

We facilitate synchronization with your team’s schedule, allowing them to work in tandem with your operations.

Training & culture programs

In collaboration with you, we work together with our clients to offer comprehensive training programs to ensure your new staff fully grasp and embody your company’s culture.

Tailored recruitment.

Outsourcey leverages a robust recruitment framework to stand out in talent acquisition. We have a vision to be โ€œthe best place to work in the Philippines.โ€ To achieve this, we employ expert recruitment techniques and innovative strategies to meet diverse hiring, screening and assessment requirements, ranging from targeted searches to high-volume recruitment across all levels, from entry-level to executive positions.

Utilizing our robust online presence, word-of-mouth programs, expansive social media outreach, and strategic partnerships, Outsourcey ensures access to top-tier talent pools. With dedicated talent resources experienced in your industry, Outsourcey ensures the selection of only the most qualified candidates, dedicated to your organization’s success.

We meticulously select individuals who resonate with your values and can replicate your operational and cultural DNA, ensuring a seamless extension of your team.ย We utilize cutting-edge AI-driven recruitment software. Our recruitment turnaround times are typically โ…“ the time of our competitors.

Best in class employee benefits.

Our industry-leading benefits program is designed to provide comprehensive support and advantages to our team members, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction. With a range of benefits tailored to meet diverse needs, we aim to attract and retain top talent while fostering a positive work environment.

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On-demand value added services.
Customized consulting & advisory

Our consulting services offer tailored workforce design and optimization strategies, ensuring your team operates at peak efficiency.

Right shoring design

We assist in identifying additional work types suitable for offshore operations, optimizing your global workforce distribution for maximum effectiveness.

On-demand BPO support

Consult with industry veterans for expert guidance on BPO sales and marketing strategies, providing invaluable insights to optimize your outsourcing practices.

Workforce management as a service

Our WFMAAS solution ensures seamless workforce management, allowing you to focus on core business activities while we handle the intricacies of staffing and scheduling.

Automation & digitization

Embrace automation and digitization to streamline processes and enhance productivity, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation within your organization.

Transition management

Utilize our transition management services for smooth “lift and shift” operations, facilitating seamless transitions during expansions or relocations.

Bringing state-of-the-art ICT Solutions to our clients.

We understand the pivotal role that leading-edge technology plays in our operations. Our ongoing investment in IT infrastructure and technology is instrumental in maintaining seamless connectivity with our clients and safeguarding their data to ensure the smooth functioning of any offshore team.

Irrespective of our clients’ size, whether SMEs or large corporations, we prioritize providing reliable IT security solutions. Developed in compliance with stringent global standards, our IT infrastructure boasts full redundancy, automatic fail-over mechanisms, and round-the-clock IT technicians stationed across each of our offices.

Key features of our IT infrastructure framework:

  • Multiple ISP connectivity: we ensure redundant ISP configurations by collaborating with reputable telco providers to optimize load balancing, resilience, and redundancy.
  • Strategic network design: our network architecture includes V-LAN segregation for clients, implementing robust security protocols, and integrating multiple layers of redundancy across all core infrastructure components.
  • Furthermore, every aspect of our network is designed to be adaptable and scalable to meet evolving needs, ensuring flexibility and future readiness for your business.

Security measures in place.

  • User authentication and access control protocols ensure data integrity.
  • Continuous network monitoring alerts our 24/7 operations center to any anomalies, enabling swift response and minimizing disruptions.
  • Regular IT audits and thorough testing procedures ensure compliance with ISO standards before client systems go live.
  • Our IT security processes are tailored to meet individual client needs, ensuring alignment with their specific requirements and preferences.

Weโ€™re committed to do more good in the world!

Outsourcey recognises a shared responsibility to protect the planet. We recognise that although our operations have a small ecological footprint, we endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations by aiming to conserve energy through effective use of resources, lowering usage, switch-off programs, and the purchase of energy-efficient equipment.

The Environmental management system that exists within Outsourcey outlines our plan to satisfy where practicable the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001:2016.

Our strategy is to implement a framework that aligns with the nature of our business and associated climate risks. We are actively making inquiries to determine where we can gather data to record waste management, water and electricity usage to determine what can be recorded and report on our environmental footprint at various sites.

With available data our aim is to monitor and report on our performance on water, electricity and wastage and the ability to do so is dependent on building and services capabilities to record Outsourceyโ€™s output and set suitable environmental sustainability targets.